Another interesting Datsun has just re-appeared recently. This Datsun 1200 coupe (KB110 model) is reputedly what remains of the original Janspeed built 1200 race car that won its class in the Dutch Touring Car championship, in both ’74 and ’75 with Han Tjan at the helm. Although the car has been re-shelled at some point, most of the original equipment is still there, including a unique rack and pinion steering conversion! The arch flares have changed and the front airdam has gone but is it the same car?…

The history of the Janspeed car isn’t entirely clear. It originally came over from Japan and was raced in the UK by Moto Kitano and Alec Poole in ’73 before, its subsequent success in Holland in ’74 and ’75. After that, as far as I’m aware, the car was then taken to Trinidad by Alec Poole with another Janspeed 1200 coupe. One with a fuel injected engine was sold to a local racer, Dave Maraj and was later destroyed in a fiery crash.

Another Janspeed 1200 coupe appeared in the UK in 1976, piloted by Martin Pearson in special saloon racing. Alec Poole’s carburettored coupe was rolled in Trinidad, so it may have been re-shelled and returned to the UK perhaps? Some investigation is need I think!


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