Small but Tough

My girlfriend has just had a pretty lucky escape. She clambered out of our little E10 with out so much as a bruise after loosing control at over 60mph and rolling it into a ditch! She swerved to avoid a drunken cyclist on a dark road, spun 180 degrees, the skidded sideways off the road before the car tripped on a hole in the grass verge and flipped into the hedgerow. The car bounced back from the hedgerow and ended up coming to rest in a four foot deep ditch on its side. How she never sustained a single injury, I’ll never know. I’m extremely grateful she didn’t though. More pics of the carnage and subsequent rescue below…

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Five Ten!

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I have become the proud owner of a lovely stock 1400cc Datsun 510. Initially, Gian Bowles of 510 Again in the States, posted a message on the Bluebirds mailing list about a 510 for sale… in the UK! Of course I jumped on it straight away. I phoned the guy only to find out that amazingly, the car was within probably 20 miles from my home! After a brief phone call I had agreed to buy the car, even though I hadn’t seen it…

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Rare Cedric 331 Hardtop Rescued

I felt compelled to rescue this ultra rare (in the UK anyway) Datsun Cedric 331 before something bad happened to it, such as a one way trip to the banger track. Such is the fate of so many big Datsuns. This is almost certainly the only four door hard top 330 series Cedric in the UK. The 331 is the same series as the 330 sedan, better known here as the Datsun 280C, but its equipped (or rather was) with Nissans anti-pollution system or NAPS for short. Being a Japanese model, it also has air conditioning, electric fender mirrors (not on the car currently) and a fuel injected L28E, good for 180bhp (sae)…

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Medler’s Graveyard

For decades Lenny Medler operated a vast scrapyard in the wilds of Norfolk. Lenny was something of an eccentric by all accounts. He wouldn’t spend money on proper buildings or fences and didn’t trust banks, preferring to hide away his cash himself, apparently in a home made safe. Certainly when I visited, I was amazed to see that the entire perimeter “wall” around the original yard was simply made from squashed cars stacked on top of each other. After he passed away in 1989, his wife took over running the business, but it slowly wound down, and with environmental rules beginning to put pressure on the old style scrapyard, allied to the rising price of scrap metal, the main yard was cleared at the end of the nineties.

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