Rare Cedric 331 Hardtop Rescued

I felt compelled to rescue this ultra rare (in the UK anyway) Datsun Cedric 331 before something bad happened to it, such as a one way trip to the banger track. Such is the fate of so many big Datsuns. This is almost certainly the only four door hard top 330 series Cedric in the UK. The 331 is the same series as the 330 sedan, better known here as the Datsun 280C, but its equipped (or rather was) with Nissans anti-pollution system or NAPS for short. Being a Japanese model, it also has air conditioning, electric fender mirrors (not on the car currently) and a fuel injected L28E, good for 180bhp (sae)…

Currently, the car is a giant 3D jigsaw puzzle, as most of the parts are just piled up inside it… I really hope it’s all there! It is in need of some major welding on the inner sills and lower rear quarters as well as repairs to at least two of the door bottoms, but the rest looks fairly solid. Mechanically it needs a lot of work as it isn’t running (it has an L28E), almost none of the electrics work and all the brakes are badly rusted up. It’s a mighty impressive looking car. It’ll be a real joy to get it looking good again, although I think it could take quite some time.

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