Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I have become the proud owner of a lovely stock 1400cc Datsun 510. Initially, Gian Bowles of 510 Again in the States, posted a message on the Bluebirds mailing list about a 510 for sale… in the UK! Of course I jumped on it straight away. I phoned the guy only to find out that amazingly, the car was within probably 20 miles from my home! After a brief phone call I had agreed to buy the car, even though I hadn’t seen it…

The description sounded great…1971 Datsun 1400… 47000 miles from new… always garaged for the last 29 years and never used in wet weather! I was not disappointed either, I’m glad to say. The car is tidy, both inside and out, with only very minor work needed to make it perfect. There’s minor rust on on one wing top and a couple of bubbles elsewhere, but overall it’s in tremendous shape. I honestly never thought I would find another 510 here, let alone one as nice as this, so I’d like to say a big thanks to Gian Bowles and Dennis Currington of Classic Datsun Motorsports, who also passed the message on to me. Thanks guys!

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