Small but Tough

My girlfriend has just had a pretty lucky escape. She clambered out of our little E10 with out so much as a bruise after loosing control at over 60mph and rolling it into a ditch! She swerved to avoid a drunken cyclist on a dark road, spun 180 degrees, the skidded sideways off the road before the car tripped on a hole in the grass verge and flipped into the hedgerow. The car bounced back from the hedgerow and ended up coming to rest in a four foot deep ditch on its side. How she never sustained a single injury, I’ll never know. I’m extremely grateful she didn’t though. More pics of the carnage and subsequent rescue below…

The E10 withstood this battering incredibly well. Aside from a very dented roof and front wings, no glass was broken and no suspension components got bent. Mercifully, the recently fitted new bumpers survived unscathed. We got a friend with a Hiab crane to lift the car out, before dragging it home to survey the damage . One back home, I pumped up the front tyre which had popped off its rim, pushed the dent out of the roof (it was touching my head sitting in the car) and in true Datsun fashion the little E10 started first time despite having spent the night on it’s side in a ditch! It never lost a drop of oil or brake fluid either. Even the battery survived with its fluids intact. I guess that, though it’s unfortunate she had an accident, at least it was in a tough old Datsun!

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