Retro styled cars are becoming popular with motor manufacturers, so I began to wonder which Datsun could be modified to look ‘new’ with subtle changes, much like the Rover group achieved with the MG R-V8 back in 1992. In fact, considering the manner in which the RV8 was done, how about doing the same with a Fairlady Roadster? I did this somewhat hasty edit to give an idea of what could be done. At first glance it doesn’t look too much different to the original, but that’s the idea. The changes are comprehensive though…

This new one is about three inches wider than the original and the body is a lot slimmer top to bottom. Enlarged arch flares are continued down into the plastic side skirts and front and rear bumpers. The bumpers are one piece plastic mouldings as is the practice with most modern cars. The chrome strip would be a stainless steel trim set into the top of the bumper. The grille would also be plastic. The steel scuttle panel is replaced with a black plastic grille but the forward opening hood now extends back to meet it. The hood scoop is brought forward slightly and the leading edges raked back. The original chrome finisher is no longer used. The headlight bezels are recessed further than before and fared in with clear plastic covers. The original front fender mounted turn signals are now incorporated into the headlight bezel. The forward facing turn signals are now in the bumper.

The screen surround is one piece with the body and raked back more than before. Colour coded door mirrors also added. Chrome flush fitting door handles are used. The rear fenders are massively reworked to create a slimmer profile but retain the Roadster look. Both the hood and the trunk lid no longer have a raised rib down the centre. And of course… The final touch is some 17 inch five spoke rims (although maybe not the style I’ve used).

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