The First UK Datsun?

I have known about this Datsun 1000 Deluxe saloon for quite a while and said, should if it ever come up for sale, I would buy it. And it has…. so I have. This B10 was built in late 1967 and apparently was amongst the first batch of Datsuns to be officially imported by Datsun UK. A check on the VIN number confirms its build date and although there is no actual information on the destination of that VIN number, the Japanese export record shows only one B10 having been shipped to the UK in April 1968. This was the only one shipped during the period from September 1967, through to June 1968 and as it is known that this B10 arrived here prior to June 1968 ,this would seem to indicate that this was indeed the first Datsun Sunny to arrive here officially. I think I’ll have to do a little more research on this before I can say for sure but all indications point towards it being so…

The other interesting thing about this particular B10, is that it was the actual car used by Autocar magazine and Motor Magazine in their road tests back when it was new, as well as being used in Datsun UKs adverts in the motoring media of the day. The image above left is from a Datsun UK magazine advert. I have a copy of the Autocar and Motor Road tests which I will scan and post up at some point.

The car itself is still in excellent condition having spent most of its life in the showroom of A. F. Tann dealership in London (it hasn’t been on the road in the last 15 years) and will only take minor work to make it nice again. I’ll write more about it after I have picked it up in about a weeks time.

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