I like plastic model kits, even though I never really get the time to build them. That doesn’t stop me from indulging in the purchase of them though and there’s no better place to drool over desirable plastic than on Yahoo! Japan Auctions. But here’s one kit I won’t be slapping a bid on, even though I’d love to own it. Now granted a plastic model kit of a Datsun 1000 from 1959 is certainly going to be a rare piece but with a buy-it-now of nearly £900, I don’t think any prospective purchasers are likely to be breaking out the glue and paint for this one when it arrives in the mail!

Of course that’s not the only desirable and highly priced model kit to be seen on the auctions. Probably just as desirable to Datsun lovers would be this glorious Toho model kit of the H150 Nissan President

Or for those with pockets not quite so deep, how about a nice 1/24 scale PB210 Sunny Excellentfrom Eidai Grip? A relative bargain at just £177 buy-it-now!…

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