Having taken a nice long break over the Christmas holiday, it’s time to get back on with things and what better way to celebrate the new year that by acquiring another Datsun. I originally considered buying this N12, with a view to using it to repair my Cherry Europe GTi but after viewing it, it seems a shame to pull it apart. This Cherry is one of the earliest sold here, having been registered in April 1983, and as such has “Datsun” badging, rubbing strips high on the body sides and the early style interior with funky single spoke steering wheel. It’s also a GL model so comes with a 5 speed transmission as standard.

The car itself has stood in this small garage for about twelve years since the original owner passed away. Yes, I said original owner… this is a genuine one owner from new car with about 47,000 miles on the clock. There are a few dents and it will definitely need some rust repair around the rear arches and rear of the sills, but other than that the car is complete and totally original. I suspect I’ll be putting this one into storage for a while before I do anything with it, but I think being an early, original car it really deserves to be saved.

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