Datsun Paint Codes

The chart below lists all the known colours used by Nissan along with their code, name(s) and where known the models on which the colours were used. There are colour samples where they were available but reproduction of colours accurately on a computer monitor is pretty much impossible so only take these as a rough guide to the real colour and shade. Where a certain colour comes in a number of shades under the same code, it is denoted by a small number in the lower left hand corner of the sample. This page may take some time to load on slower connections due to the large number of colours listed so please be patient!

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A-Z of Wheels

There’s no doubt about it, the Japanese have the coolest looking rims on the planet when it comes to old school rides, and the choice of styles is staggering. Whilst here in the UK, if you are looking for rims for your car you may have the choice of maybe half a dozen styles, in Japan you can choose from a back catalog of hundreds. In this new A-Z guide to wheels, I’ve tried to put some names to some of the old school rims you may see on rides in Japan and on popular auction site, Yahoo! Japan Auctions. I still need to gather much more info on many of these rims so if you can help put some manufacturers and model names to some of the unknown ones, or correct existing info please get in touch. I will expand this database further in the future with a section for OEM rims as well as some of the aftermarket wheels available outside of Japan. Click here to take a look at the A-Z so far!