I regularly browse through Yahoo! Japan auctions and it never ceases to amaze me the weird and wonderful Datsun related items that pop up on there. In particular, the assorted collectible items and ephemera associated with the brand. Take this curious figure pictured on the left. This cheeky chap, standing just shy of a metre tall, must have been used for publicity for the Sunny range, possibly in a dealer showroom, as he proudly wears the logo across his chest. But what possible purpose could it have served? Sadly the auction listing gave little away in it’s description so I guess it’ll remain a mystery unless someone out there knows?

Or if a three foot tall Sunny dude doesn’t float your boat and you fancy something a little bit more useful, how about a tub of genuine Nissan/Prince Skyline GT wax? There can’t be many tubs of this that have survived the last forty years intact! But wait! It gets better. It rather it gets stranger, with what must probably be one of the most unusual pieces of Nissan merchandising I have seen on Yahoo! Japan… a complete tea set! I am not sure of the age of this set but judging by the logos on the base, I would have guessed at possibly 1950’s or earlier.

The list of interesting items is endless with everything from coasters to golf-balls, cigarette cases to cuddly toys. If you are interested in having a browse about on the Japanese auctions yourself, then head over to Yahoo! Japan Auctions and use our list of Japanese translations as search terms. You may also want to make use of some of the translation services provided by Babelfish or OCN to help you find your way about.

Meanwhile, here’s a few more bits of automobilia for the Datsun fanatic…

Nissan Violet (710) cigarette case…

Datsun Sunny 1000 (B10) launch commemorative keyring…

Packet of assorted decals…

1977 Nissan Skyline commemorative grille badge…

Nissan Skyline GC110 concept wall clock…

3 thoughts on “Dattomobilia”

  1. isn’t that figurine the “sunny, sonny?” from the jdm ad campaign featuring a small boy and a goose? i watched the 1970 tv ad on youtube. i seem to recall nothing particular happening in the ad, aside from the boy being very happy, and the background music “we love sunny” or something to that effect and then an odd ending. unfortunately, the video has disappeared, likely removed by google.


  2. Could well be. I think I have that video clip somewhere. I’m planning to post up a whole bunch of old Datsun ads soon.


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