Sunny truck is go (again)

I’m all fired up to get on and finish my Sunny truck after offering up one of it’s new SSR’s today. Work on my Sunny truck ground to a halt last year after several weeks of welding pounded away at my enthusiasm for the project and made me find all sorts of excuses for not working on it. Well, no more! The truck will be hitting the streets this summer one way or another as I now realise just how bitchin’ it’s gonna look on these rims. They are Speed Star Racing but an unknown model which I bought from Japan. The front’s are 7jx13 with a +12 offset and the rears are a 7.5jx13 with a zero offset. This combo seems to fit the Sunny perfectly, the rims just sticking out of the arch by maybe half an inch at most both front and rear.

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