I’m all fired up to get on and finish my Sunny truck after offering up one of it’s new SSR’s today. Work on my Sunny truck ground to a halt last year after several weeks of welding pounded away at my enthusiasm for the project and made me find all sorts of excuses for not working on it. Well, no more! The truck will be hitting the streets this summer one way or another as I now realise just how bitchin’ it’s gonna look on these rims. They are Speed Star Racing but an unknown model which I bought from Japan. The front’s are 7jx13 with a +12 offset and the rears are a 7.5jx13 with a zero offset. This combo seems to fit the Sunny perfectly, the rims just sticking out of the arch by maybe half an inch at most both front and rear.

The tyre I popped on for a trial fit is a 185/60×13 but I think they look a bit big so I’m going for something with a lower profile. The stuck will sit about two inches lower that it does now so I think a lower profile should work out fine.

There’s a brief introduction to my Sunny truck in the section on our cars but here’s a quick update on the work done so far. The truck was pretty rusty but what seriously added to the workload was the extremely bad quality control on the body assembly, with misaligned panels and sections simply not even welded. The worst of this was the bulkhead which was welded in over an inch out of line. Correcting this meant the removal of the entire scuttle assembly. of the original body tub, only the doors were rust free. The front end had a new cross-member fabricated and was completed with new wings, valance and bonnet. The lower three to four inches of the bed sides have been repaired (fortunately the arches were solid) and the tailgate rebuilt using a skin cut from a NOS Datsun 620 tailgate in order to get the “Datsun” lettering onto it. The cab floor has been repaired in a few places and a two inch wide strip accross the rear of the cab where it meets the bed floor has also been replaced. The cab roof had been badly damaged and the welds had separated in the gutter at the rear. Quite a bit of panel work was required to get it more of less straight again. As it now stands, the only welding left is along the top of the bed sides under the rope hook rail and a little more on the rear of the cab, then the long laborious job of prepping it for paint can begin.

The original A14 will remain under the bonnet but with the addition of some GX twin carbs and a 5 speed gearbox. Eventually I’d like to build a “hot” A14 for it. I decided against an engine swap as I really wanted to keep it properly old school in feel and at only 725kg, an a14 should be able to provide plenty enough power for a fun ride. I have swapped out the Borg Warner rear axle for a unit from a Japanese built B110 as it’ll be easier for me to source brake components for it. Front brakes have been upgraded using B310 Sunny struts which have been shortened and converted to coil-overs with VW Golf shocks. This should allow me to get the front very low with no loss in ride comfort or limited travel hopefully. Spacers between the steering arm and strut will help keep the geometry good. The brakes will also be power assisted with a servo unit from a 1977 Mitsubishi lancer.

Inside, keeping with the old school style, I’m keeping the original bench seat which I have had re-upholstered in a traditional plain black tuck’n’roll. The original interior was beige but everything was in very poor shape so all of it has been junked. To go with the black bench seat will be a dash from a Datsun 1200 coupe along with some front door panels from a 1200 saloon. Carpet will be custom made to replace the original rubber flooring. So far only the seat has been finished for the inside but all the rest of the parts are ready and waiting to go back in. All the trim and rubber seals, along with all the chrome-work is all going to be brand new. More updates as work progresses!

2 thoughts on “Sunny truck is go (again)

  1. Antdat says:

    be good to see it on the road, though i bet you not looking forward to finishing off the body work 😀

    keep teh updates coming


  2. RatDat says:

    No, definately not looking forward to it. Never have I owned a vehicle with some many dents in it! I think I’m looking at about three weeks of prep if I work on it every day but it’s got to be done!


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