Italiano Fratelli

I have previously made mention of Nissan’s curious partnership with Alfa Romeo before on this site when I finally managed to acquire one of the unloved products that emerged from this tie-up, a Nissan Cherry Europe GTi. But the Cherry Europe was only part of the story as elsewhere in Europe the same line of models (the 920 series) was marketed by Alfa Romeo themselves as the ARNA. The model would most likely have been entirely sold as Alfa Romeos, had their UK importer not decided that the ARNA was too downmarket for their image in the UK, which meant the cars were adorned with Nissan badging and sold through Nissan UK dealers. UK Alfa Romeo dealers were not happy though, as they jealously watched Nissan dealers chalk up sales on a model they rightly saw as their own, and at the same time had no small model of their own to sell.

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