I have had some enquiries as to what has happened to all of the old content that featured on Ratdat.com before it’s re-birth into a blog format. Well, initially I just wiped everything off the server to make it easy to start afresh with the new site but I still have all the data and will be restoring it to the site occasionally, along with all the new stuff.

I’ll start by re-posting some pictures that were one of the earliest things to be seen on Ratdat.com back in 2000. Back then we decided to welcome the new millennium in unconventional fashion by flying out to Egypt. We were stood in the desert in front of the great pyramids on the stroke of midnight as the year 2000 was ushered in to the strains of Jean Michel Jarre’s spectacular performance of “The Twelve Dreams of the Sun”. Memorable, I can assure you! We stayed in an around Cairo for ten days and like any good car freak, a good proportion of the sight seeing was of things on four wheels.

The streets of Cairo are packed with old cars, with the predominant marques being Fiat, Renault and Peugeot but also a wealth of old Japanese machinery. I huge number of these are very battle scarred taxis, which we discovered after deliberately seeking out a Datsun 710 for a ride, are in a mechanically perilous condition. We felt lucky to arrive at out destination at all. Sadly, my camera packed in on our first day there so I only had a camcorder with which to record the chaos that is Cairo traffic so you will have to forgive the somewhat poor quality of these shots as they are grabbed off of tape. Notable spots included the yellow, four door double cab 620 pickup, C110 Skyline estate and C210 Skyline four door saloons, badged as Datsun 180Ks. It was also a surprise to come across the headquarters of Nissan Egypt complete with ancient Japanese wall sign.

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