Majorca Motoring

The pictures are actually quite old but interesting none the less. They were sent to me by a good friend who visited Majorca on holiday and show, in only a few pictures the amazing diversity of old Japanese cars there. The sad, vandalised Skyline is a real rarity being a short wheelbase C10 model fitted with a 1815cc G18 engine, hence the 180K badging. The 620 looks to be in quite remarkable shape considering how battle-scarred the smaller Sunny pickup is. 620’s were horribly rust prone so it’s no surprise very few remain in the UK. The two non Nissan vehicles pictured are a late 1970’s Subaru Rex and, amazingly, a Mazda T2000 three wheel truck which dates back to the mid 1950’s. This is probably the first picture I have seen of one of these outside of Japan. Just seeing these few make me wish for a holiday there myself!