I’m posing this question in order to maybe shed a little light on the whereabouts of a couple of unusual Japanese spec Nissan hardtop coupes, which appeared in the UK nearly ten years ago, only to disappear again, seemingly without trace. These cars were at one time in the Datsun Owners Club and one of them even appeared at a car show, but little has been seen or heard of them since. If you know anything about the whereabouts of any of these cars, or even if you own one of them, I’d be very happy to hear from you!

First up is this extremely rare C230 Laurel two door hardtop. These were never sold in the UK and this particular one was pictured in the Datsun Owners Club magazine back in 1999. At the time it belonged to John Gorman of Cleveland and was rumoured to have been a Hong Kong police courtesy car before being imported to the UK in 1981. A quick search on the DLVA’s website reveals that the road tax last expired at the end of May 2003 and it’s not market as exported, so where is it now?

Second is a car that put in an appearance at the Japanese Auto Extravaganza at Northampton back in 1998. This 330 Cedric two door hardtop is almost certainly the only one in the UK and is still out there somewhere. A DVLA check reveals it to be currently taxed until the end of August 2008 so it’s clearly still in use. It would be great to find out where this car is now and what sort of condition it’s in, ten years later. If you are the proud owner of this Cedric then drop me a line!

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