Mrs Ratdat has done well for cars in the last year or so and now has more rides to choose from then me. First I gave her a lovely little 1979 Daihatsu Charade XTE for Christmas ’06 and then during summer ’07, I built this mildly modified 1983 Datsun Cherry N12 for her as an everyday car. The car was smoothed off but removing the locks, badges and rubbing strips and repainted in the original red. The glass was lightly tinted and few customs touches added to the inside. Finally, a healthy drop on some old school Cosmic alloy wheels. When it was done, she decided the Cherry was too nice for every day duties so we got another one of her favorites, a 1984 Mazda 323 GT (BD model) . So now she has three nice cars… all roadworthy too. Well, whilst it’s in nice shape, the GT still needs a bit of work doing and in light of the rarity of it being a GT version, we decided she should after all use the Cherry every day and limit the mileage the GT does so as to preserve it better.

This was good news as it was the whole purpose of building it in the first place and ultimately, the N12 is far easier to buy parts for or even replace completely than the 323 GT. However, before it could be used as a daily, I needed to find some wheels for the Cherry as the Cosmic Mk1 alloys on it were rubbing the arches. So, I figured I might as well use the 15″ Black Racing rims I had bought for the Mazda for now until I got something more suited to it.

I think I may have underestimated just how nice the BR rims would look on an N12. Clad in 195/45×15 tyres, the 15″ rims seem to suit it perfectly and sit just right in the arches with no rubbing at all. Definitely a whole new look for it and somewhat different than I had envisaged but it looks great so I think they’ll be staying. Looks like I’ll be hunting down some new wheels for the Mazda instead.


7 thoughts on “Cherry new look

  1. Big Hat says:

    now that’s the ticket! and no scraping? perfection.


  2. HoTWire says:

    Yay for Euro look-ish Japanese cars… top notch sir. I might be troubling you for some photos or for someone to take some photos of it for me.


  3. RatDat says:

    You’re welcome to pics anytime. I’d like to get the engine bay detailed this summer as well, just to finish it off.


  4. Antdat says:

    car looks great, Glad you decided to restore it šŸ˜€


  5. RatDat says:

    So am I. When I originally discovered the rust in the sills I nearly decided to scrap it. It was only the low mileage and nice interior that persuaded me to repair it.


  6. Antdat says:

    i know you had a nightmare of a job with that car, but look at it now all the hard work defo payed off šŸ˜€


  7. Big Hat says:

    didn’t you say you had a header for that?


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