Logically, it would seem that the days of printed magazines are numbered, with the vast amount of free information to be had on the net, but in reality this doesn’t appear to be the case. And just to prove the point an all new publication aimed squarely at the Nissan enthusiasts has just hit the shelves. Total Nissan is a quarterly magazine “dedicated to performance Nissans” but thankfully, also with an interest in the past. Issue number one, which arrived in the mail yesterday, features not only a nice article charting the history of the 240Z, but also a great six page article one one of the first Datsuns to be officially sold in the UK, and the only survivor of the first batch of Datsuns imported here, a 1967 Datsun 1000…

The car featured use to be part of the Ratdat fleet a few years ago, before being sold to current owner Mark Ashbridge, who has since brought the car up to scratch and provided an excellent new home for it. It’s great to see this historically significant UK car get the attention it deserves in print. Hopefully Total Nissan magazine will continue to run features on some of the marque’s heritage in future issues. For more info on the magazine and subscription details check out their website at www.totalnissan.co.uk

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