There’s no better way of brightening my day than the arrival of a gigantic box with Japanese shipping labels attached. It can only mean one thing.. WHEELS! Another set of JDM goodness arrived today in the form of a set of four 14 inch SSR Star Sharks, which I bought off of Yahoo! Japan Auctions back in December last year. It’s always a bit of a gamble buying rims, as you can never be 100% certain if they will be straight and free from corrosion, even if the pictures in the auction look good. Luckily Japanese sellers are more honest than most and so far purchases from Japan have all worked out well. These Star Sharks are no exception. There’s some very minor specs of corrosion here and there but they are otherwise in great shape, with only one tiny ding in the lip of one rim…small enough to not be easily seen. And as an added bonus they came complete with the original centre caps. They could do with some fresh paint and bolts but are quite usable as is. Now… to figure out what to put them on… 710 SSS? 510? Hmmm…..

4 thoughts on “Sharks!

  1. Big Hat says:

    those are 6″ ? then put ’em on the 710. will be a good size and the color a nice contrast 😎

    i think i told you i got a set of 4, 14×6.5 watanabe type b’s for ¥8,000?

    those are a good size and offset as well, and they’re not too aggressive where they’d look out of place on a relatively stock datsun

    rinkya fees & shipping brought the total to $322 or £164


  2. Antdat says:

    you rally got me thinking about getting a set of Jap rims for my 200B now 😀


  3. RatDat says:

    I’d like to use rims with either red or gold centres on the 710 as you say, they’ll contrast nicely. I think it might need 7j on the rear once it’s lowered a bit and has some camber though. I guess I could always look out for just a pair of 7’s on Yahoo.

    I bought some 6.5×14 Watanabes too but they won’t be here for a couple of weeks. I only bought them because like yours they were amazingly cheap! At the price some sets come infrom Japan you’d be hard pressed to find a decent set of rims here.

    Ant, you need to buy some Japanese rims! I can always get some back here for you (once I’ve paid some off my credit card that is!)


  4. Big Hat says:

    oh yeah, i forgot to mention that i don’t know the bolt pattern of the watanabes 😮

    i guess that’s why nobody else bid on them

    anyway, the most common bolt pattern is the 4×114.3, but if these turn out to be something different, i’ll just have to buy a car that they’ll bolt to 😉


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