Violet Wheels

Yet another big box of JDM goodness has arrived from the east and the decision has already been made… the contents are most definitely going on my Violet SSS. I have looked at a few different rims including the Star Sharks that arrived a few days ago and nothing looks as good as these by a country mile …the super ornate design suits the Violet perfectly in my opinion. They are Riverge made by Pasco-Fame. These are my favourite JDM wheels so I was elated to finally get hold of a set. The rims themselves were pretty sorry looking when they turned up. The original gold paint had been painted over with white and two of them had been completely painted again in silver… over the white and all the baked on brake dust! Happily the paint washed off fairly easily with some paint thinners which left behind the original gold which is in surprisingly good condition. A quick rub with some 400 grit brings them up really well as you can see below…

There isn’t a lot of corrosion on the rims so they will polish up nicely, although two of them have quite bad rust on the steel inserts where the wheel nuts seat. Hopefully I’ll get away with just refacing them. I should have a second pair of Riverge on the way shortly, which are half an inch wider, so better suited on the rear. Now I finally have the perfect rims for my Violet, I am itching the get on with doing the body repairs and get it re-painted! Until I can get it into the workshop I’ll just have to content myself with re-working the suspension for a healthy drop. Watch this space!

10 thoughts on “Violet Wheels”

  1. Mmmh Violet material… nice!
    I’m on my own search for a set of wheels for my Violet here in México. Is amazing how many factors have to click together for a set of wheels to “fit” a custom car: PCD, design, diameter, width, offset, location, price…
    Can wait to see another 710 with new paint, nice wheels and lowered suspension!
    I hope mine goes the same way soon (already on the shop)
    PD I’m still waiting to know about the Violet turbo!


  2. They are 6.5jx14 but I am not certain of the offset. It should be marked on the back but there’s too much brake dust on them to read it at the moment! I think it will be about +7.


  3. Oscar, be sure to send me some pictures when your car is in paint! Violet Turbo write up will come soon. I need to get a few things translated from Japanese yet though.


  4. At stock ride height the IRS cars would be the same. I think a 7j will stick out of the arch a little with a zero offset. With the camber gain from lowering a 7j or even a 7.5j will go on without difficulty. It’s the front that’s the rear problem. High offset or wide rims always foul the lower front edge of the wheelarch on lock. Lowering helps a little but there really isn’t a lot of clearance unless you cut a bit of the panel away (no way I’m doing that!)


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