This little treat dropped through my letterbox recently, courtesy of my friend Alan T. (thankyou!) and it really is a must have for any keen Datsun Sunny owner. The Sunny Owners Bible comes from Japanese publishers Studio Tac Creative (ISBN 978-4-88393-251-1) and as you might expect it has all the text in Japanese, however this is less of an issue than you might imagine as you will see later…

The book starts with a number of features cars, all in colour, from B10s through to B310s ,with a fairly strong emphasis on the B110 line and the Sunny Truck in particular. It then goes on to give general maintenance tips for cleaning and caring for your beloved Sunny, before launching into another chapter of feature cars, again all in colour but this time in more detail. The following section brings the main focus of the publication with a series of technical articles covering everything from general mechanical maintenance, to repainting the engine bay, to lowering suspension and installing dual side draught carbs. These articles are very thoroughly illustrated, to the point where the Japanese text is no longer a barrier to understanding the gist of the subject…

The book also features a step by step build up of a hot A series, by Sunny racing gurus Pitroad, as well as articles about body repair, paintwork and even a buyers guide for prospective purchasers of a Sunny Truck. Really the only section that would be fantastic to be able to read is near the end of the book and is entitled ” Sunny Keyperson Interview” where, as the title would suggest, they speak with the major players in the Sunny scene in Japan. The book closes with a chapter listing many of the aftermarket parts currently available in Japan (with pictures), from stock replacement parts to tuning equipment. All in all this would be a worthy addition to any Sunny fan’s library, so most definitely worth hunting a copy down.

6 thoughts on “Sunny Owners Bible

  1. Antdat says:

    hmm another book i think i need to add to my ever growing collection 😀


  2. Big Hat says:

    please email me the isbn


  3. Big Hat says:

    please email me my reading glasses. Doh! just saw the isbn


  4. HoTWire says:

    Ooooh Very Want! .. I love my best of Sunny Enjoy Retro Car, but the technical info at the back is very brief and I can’t speak Japanese so I can’t make a whole lot of use of it.


  5. HoTWire says:

    I don’t know if this will work but this is the book I’ve got : Amazon Japan Link

    I just noticed this one as well Amazon Japan Link 2 Which I think I’ll need to be investing in.


  6. HoTWire says:

    Another comment also … This is the book on Amazon JP . It is easy to order from there and they deliver pretty quick.


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