In part 1 last month, I covered what plastic model kits were available of the first generation Violet, the 710 series. This time I’ll cover the later models, specifically the A10 series as sadly there don’t appear to be any models at all of either the T11 or T12 that came after. There is precious little to choose from in 1/24 scale with really only one basic kits existing which was made by Fujimi. It did come in a number of guises though, both as an Auster and as a Violet. The Auster version was released twice, the later issue being the black Auster multi coupe which comes with some pretty ugly Dome Zero style wheels. This is the only one of this series that I have personally owned and I am sad to report that it’s really not very good. The general proportions are okay and it is a reasonably accurate model in that respect but the actually molding is quite poor quality, with many of the body lines barely visible. I suspect this is because by the time this kit was issued the original tooling was probably getting rather worn.

The Violet version came in no less than four variants which again are subsequent releases of the same kit with minor variations and new box art. The Violet version looks arguably more attractive, especially in the earlier issues but I suspect in reality there’s little to choose between them. The black SGX-E is the later edition and the blue Violet ‘open back’ is an earlier one as far as I can tell so it’s like that may have better detail. Unfortunately, as both the Auster and Violet kits are long out of production, the only source for them really is Yahoo! Japan Auctions where they can be quite expensive.

The only other real option for those wanting to build a kit of an A10 would be Mini Racing’s 1/43 scale multimedia kits, which feature a resin body with various small white metal parts and vacuum formed windows. These can be made to look pretty good but in such a small scale they require a steady hand and a little more than basic model skills in order to get a good result. The Mini Racing kits are also relatively expensive too for the size of them, often costing £35 or more for an unmade kit. They are also all models of works Rally cars so no stock production models unless you are highly skilled at carving resin! The Mini Racing kits come in four liveries as seen below. These kits occasionally pop up on eBay but I believe they are also still produced so some specialist model vendors may be able to supply them.

Next month I’ll take a look at what plastic kits are available for the Nissan Silvia series.

2 thoughts on “Violet Plastic: Part 2

  1. Big Hat says:

    i find the modded coupe interesting (in a purely fictional way perhaps) as i’ve never seen one modded in japan


  2. RatDat says:

    Yeah, it doesn’t seem to be a car that gets much interest in Japan. The only real modified one I can recall seeing was a dark brown four door Auster saloon with Hoshinos on it.


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