This little gem arrived in the post today, all the way from China. This is the first 1/43 scale die-cast I have seen of this subject, the ALSI model Prince Skyline. This one is a 1959 Skyline and is marked as being made by Norev on the base. Therein lies a mystery. I would have presumed that this was part of the Hachette Fujingaho Car Collection, as Norev make all the models in that series, however this Skyline doesn’t appear on the list of models, which makes me wonder what other models may exist in that series but are not listed. Anyone know? The model itself is really good with plenty of fine details and a nice paint finish. Norev have even made the effort to model the Skyline’s de Dion rear suspension, although it’s not exactly correct, it has to be said. A nice addition to my collection of 1/43 models anyway, and another step towards having a model of each generation of Skyline!

3 thoughts on “The Little Prince

  1. sefsef says:

    I have also bought one.


  2. RatDat says:

    Did you get it from ebay? I haven’t seen any more on there.



  3. sefsef says:

    Yes, I bought it from China in february together with a C30 1800 from Norev.


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