Billet Beauty

At over £180 (¥38,000), this KPGC10 Skyline GT-R miniature is definitely going to be one for the connoisseur with deep pockets, but those lucky enough to acquire one of these will not only be getting a very limited edition miniature, but also something extremely high tech. Why? Well, unlike most metal miniatures which are usually die cast, the craftsmen at Iriso in Japan actually machine this one from a solid block of aluminium, using sophisticated CNC machinery! The miniature is quite small, maybe a little smaller than a Matchbox car, but the detail is incredible, right down to the badges. And even more amazing, is that parts like the fender mirrors and rear wing are also hewn from the same chunk of aluminium as the rest of the body!

For a company that have machined a dice from brass that is so small (0.3mm!!) it requires a microscope to see it, the detail on this model may seem like child’s play, but for us mere mortals it seems like an unimaginable feat of precision engineering. There will only be 500 of these made and each one comes packaged in a small tin with a certificate to authenticate it. These won’t be available until April, but to pre-order one check out or Targa.

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