Finally, I have managed to score a copy of a book which I have been trying to find for some time. “Pictorial History of Pre-war Datsun” is another excellent publication from Car Graphic and despite having almost entirely Japanese text, is well worth hunting down if you have an interest in very early Datsuns. The book runs to about 125 pages and is jam packed with photos , mostly black and white, with a handful in colour. The book charts the history of Datsun from its very early beginnings and shows images of some of the foreign cars that influenced its designers, as well as rare pictures of the first prototype “Datson”. There’s also a section featuring many pictures of the Grand Prix winning DOHC powered NL-75 and NL-76 race cars from 1936….

Alongside the many photos are plenty of drawings and sketches of the early cars and their technical details. Of course the only downside of this like many CG publications is the lack of English text, however there is at least one page in this book in English which gives a brief history if the development of the early Datsun. Despite it being unreadable to most Westerners, this is still a very worthwhile addition to any die-hard Datsun enthusiasts library.

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