More Violet Goodies

Although I have yet to start doing any real work on my KP710 Violet SSS, the parts keep on arriving. Newest arrival, and something I’ve wanted for some time, is a pair of Japanese market rear quarter emblems. In Europe these cars always wore “Datsun 160J” emblems on the rear quarters, but I always think of them by their Japanese market name of Violet, so scoring a pair of these emblems is a real bonus.

Another welcome delivery today was a second pair of River Side Riverge wheels. I already have a set of four of these in 6.5×14, but these two are 7×14 so will fill the arches out a little better on the rear. I am surprised at just how much dish they look to have for 7″ rims. Of course they both need refurbishing. In fact one looks pretty awful, but doesn’t appear to have and serious corrosion. As soon as the weather improves a little, I shall get on with swapping the suspension over to lower it and begin rebuilding the brakes. I can’t wait to see it low with these rims fitted!

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