The ancient customary meeting of gear-heads to trade rusty old parts, known as the Autojumble, has died away somewhat since the arrival of the Internet… and in particular, the creation of eBay. The major events such as Beaulieu International Autojumble are still going strong. but the smaller, regional events simply aren’t what they once were. My nearest regular event is at Newark County Showground and these days it’s probably more worthwhile attending merely to see the selection of old cars that turn up, rather than for any serious car part hunting. Last Sunday saw a good turnout despite the chilly weather. Datsun pickings in the Autojumble itself were slim, as usual, but I did score a new right hand front wing for my Blue N12 Cherry, as well as a pair of brand new Wipac halogen headlights for my Sunny truck. There were plenty of cars to gawp at in the parking area, so I snapped a fairly random selection. Of particular note was the ultra rare Fiat 133… a Spanish built Seat which was sold with Fiat badging in the UK. The curious Morris Marina with a DIY hatchback conversion is also an oddity. Photo gallery below…

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