The second, quarterly issue, of Total Nissan magazine flopped through my letterbox a few days ago and although I still haven’t read it all yet, it’s certainly looking good. For this issue, I managed a little input myself, by assisting senior contributor, Rob Marshall with a piece on the Nissan Cherry Europe and Alfa Romeo Arna. This takes a fresh look at the car, to question whether it really deserved all that bad press. The two Nissan Cherrys pictured in the article are my own Cherry GL and Europe GTi. This issue also takes a look at importing your own car from Japan, as well as a modern Japanese classic, the Nissan Figaro. Total Nissan is currently subscription only so if you fancy a one year subscription it’ll cost you £16 (£28 for overseas) and you can sign up online at

2 thoughts on “Total Nissan Issue 2

  1. Big Hat says:

    you are going to flip out when you get jnc issue 1. i’m amazed how good it is


  2. RatDat says:

    I’m awaiting it with great anticipation!


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