Techno Toy Tuning (T3) has been machining up specialised parts for Toyota enthusiasts for some time, but their line-up also offers a bunch of very nice parts for Datsuns. T3’s offerings consist primarily of suspension components, all of which are custom fabricated for performance applications. Parts are available for 240Z, 510/610, as well as S13 and S14 models. The selection for 510 and 610 models includes coil-over conversions for both front and rear suspension, camber plates and roll center adjusters. Their fully adjustable tension/compression rods look particularly well made. Prices are very reasonable too, especially with the dollar still being relatively weak against the pound. T3 camber plates, come in at only $180 a pair and having bought a set previously, I can vouch for their excellent quality. Adjustable T/C rods are just $200, and their own strut brace is a bargain at $119. But that’s not all that T3 have to offer. Anyone in the market for a nice set of old school wheels might also want to take a look at what they stock…

T3 are distributors for Konig and are able to offer Konig Rewinds and the new B.Bomb rims at pretty competitive prices. How does $400 plus shipping for a set of new 7×14 Rewinds sound? I ordered a set of Rewinds from T3 about 3 years ago and the shipping wasn’t particularly expensive, in fact the all in price worked out cheaper than I could buy a new set of rims in the UK! The new B.Bomb is based on the original SSR Mk3 design so has a proper old school JDM look, perfect for any 70’s Japanese car. Rewinds are available in 14×7, 15×5 and 16×7 and the B.Bomb in 15×7.5. If you don’t happen to run a 114.3mm PCD, the T3 can also help out there with a set of custom made billet wheel adaptors. Check out the Techno Toy Tuning website for more information on their products and for further contact details.

5 thoughts on “Datsun Techno Toys

  1. Big Hat says:

    those konig b bombs look pretty similar to these ssr’s i have:

    except my ssr’s are 14″ and super deep lip 😉


  2. RatDat says:

    Those are nice! i’ve not seen any like that before… any idea what they are called?


  3. Big Hat says:

    err, i was hoping you might be able to tell me

    seriously, my guess is some shop used an ssr lip/outer, then just added a unique center

    the seller stated they were ssr, but who’s ever seen these listed in the ssr canon?

    a friend did mention shirak (shark), so i guess they could be a later evolution of the original sharak

    btw, thx for fixing the link. i hate responding to blogs and not being able to edit errors


  4. Antdat says:

    wonder if those t/c rods are long enough to fit a 810


  5. Big Hat says:

    jilba racing


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