Violet Progress

Okay, so I haven’t posted anything for a month, but rest assured, it’s not like I haven’t been doing anything! On the contrary, some projects have moved on a fair bit… one of them being my Datsun Violet SSS. Having secured some nice wheels for it, I couldn’t resist any longer and had to get them onto it. First there was the matter of the stock sky high ride height to deal with. Fortunately, I still had an old set of lowering springs which I’d previously used in my 510, a 610 and another 710 so that easily solved the problem. The rear end was dismantled and the new heavy duty lowering springs fitted along with some shocks that were 50mm shorter than stock. The springs dropped the back right down to pretty much exactly where I wanted it, but the front as it stands isn’t quite low enough. However, a set of JIC camber plates and some carefully modifying of the upper spring seats should help it down another 20mm and cure the slight positive camber it’s gained now. Currently the rims are wrapped in 175-60×14’s but it would appear I’ve got room for more rubber on the rear so I think I’ll be swapping them for some 185-55×14’s. As the rears are 7j and the fronts are 6.5j I’ll stick with the 175’s up front.

While I was getting the suspension sorted, I also get the brakes back in action with some new front calipers and pads, a couple of brake pipes, some new front hoses and a new master cylinder. Amazingly, the rears drums were fine and even had brand new shoes in there. I can only assume this must have been done whilst it was laid up, or immediately before. I don’t really plan to take the running gear too far from stock, so the stock brakes will suffice, especially as being a late KP710, it has the better brakes up front. This is also why I have steered clear of a coil over conversion on the front, which is the way I would normally go to lower a car this much. Power is always going to remain L series, although I may eventually install some factory EFI I have stashed away.

The first major task is fixing the body. The car need new front wings and a new valance… all of which I have. It also need some work on the rear arches and on the sills. I may just fit complete new sills both sides, as then I can rest easy knowing there’s no rust in there. First step down the road to getting the body looking good was to polish the original paint. This might seem pointless as clearly the car will need new paint, but it’s worth doing purely to boost my enthusiasm! So the next stage will involve firing up the MIG welder for some sill replacement action. More soon!

6 thoughts on “Violet Progress”

  1. Looking superb ! Whats the offset of the F and R’s? Its quite interesting to note that the dark coour actually suits the fine body lines of the 710 ! I guess that is because the styling lines are quite bold.


  2. Funnily enough, I wasn’t initially convinced that black was a good colour for a KP710… until now. Having finally seen it polished up I actually prefer it to my 019 yellow one. I can’t wait to get the body and paint fully sorted. A full flat and polish to a glassy smooth finish is in order I think!

    Can’t remember the offsets off hand but I’ll check. I know the rims aren’t stamped with the offset so I’ll have to measure it.


  3. i think white is the worst on an ht. totally obscures the (bizarre) body lines

    the rare black does it justice without a doubt

    and so would the oxblood. i’ve only ever seen one oxblood 710, and that was the ht i spotted in skegness back in 1991 …


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