So, now that I’ve decided to get the Violet repaired, it’s time to check out the body and in particular the damage caused by the age old enemy… rust. A cursory look around the car and it’s clear that it needs new front wings, some work on the rear arches and maybe some attention to the sills. I expected to find some more rot hiding in wait once I started digging around and my suspicions were confirmed when upon removal of the front wings I was confronted with a fair bit of rot in the wing mounts and inner wing strengthener section. However, what was lurking out of sight behind the front valance, I hadn’t bargained for…

Accident damage! Looks like the car has been driven over or into a rock or something in the past, which had damaged the front cross member under the radiator, buckling it inward and upward. The front suspension cross-member has also taken a hit but not serious. Whilst it appeared this damage isn’t that bad, I can’t leave it there, so a whole new front panel is on the menu…

The inner wing strengtheners also need replacing, as does the top section of the inner wing. The latter will have to be fabricated, but I have replacement strengtheners ready to go on. The sills have been patched before and really need replacing properly to eliminate any potential future rust problems. The front section where the wing attached had gone completely, although thankfully the ‘A’ post structure sill looks fine…

The rear arches aren’t that bad for a 710, but still need plenty of attention. The dog leg section at the rear of the sill is bodged and rusted badly and the lower rear corners are paper thin. There’s lots of evidence of previous repair work, so lots of nasty stuff is hiding in there…

I plan to go right through the entire body until all the rust is gone, after which it’ll be getting a full repaint. I am aiming for invisible repairs everywhere. The new panels that will be installed are, front panel, valances front and rear, wings, sills, inner wing strengtheners, rear inner arches and lower rear quarter repairs (cut from new panels for a 710 saloon). Anything else will have to be hand fabricate, including the front half of the rear arches, dog leg sections and front inner wing tops. I’ll post up a an account of every stage of the work, with a whole bunch of photos, so you can see how most of the work is done.

2 thoughts on “Violet SSS Project

  1. Big Hat says:

    well, not a small amount of work, but still pretty straightforward stuff compared to the ute … speaking of which, the ute’s been bumped off for the time being i take it?


  2. RatDat says:

    Just wait and see… I thought it was going to be straightforward too! I have decided to get the ute body shell media blasted so it’s going to take a while longer. I figured that as I was unlikely to get it completed for my self imposed deadline anyway, I might as well go the whole hog and do the job properly. At least I have a chance of driving my KP710 before the end of the summer!


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