Violet SSS Project – Sill (RH)

Day three and it’s time to tackle the right hand sill, which has clearly had some pretty poor repairs in the past. As I had a complete genuine replacement sill for this side (part # 76412-K1330), I elected to do this job the hard way and fit the entire panel in one piece. The original sill panel extends up inside the rear quarter and around the lower ‘A’ post, where it’s integrated with the other panels making up those structures. Where the upper seams are welded, there are a total of three layers. At the rear, inside the rear quarter, the sill, inner sill and rear inner side panel (where the window lifter is mounted) are all joined as one with the sill panel being the outer one of the three layers. At the front end, the inner A post and inner sill panels sandwich the outer sill between them at the seam, making the sill quite hard to remove. Removing and replacing the full sill requires a fair bit of care and patience, as you have to pick apart a fair amount of the cars structure around these areas, but it is possible with time and some care.

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