LVVS Open Day

I’ll admit, this is not the sort of event I usually attend, but as I was heading to Lincoln anyway I thought I’d take a look. LVVS stands for Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society, a group dedicated to the preservation of vintage vehicles, particularly old buses. Despite the weather being pretty foul, I was astounded to find the place absolutely packed with people, with hundreds more milling about outside! The LVVS museum itself was mostly full of trade stalls, with most of the exhibits outside or in use ferrying passengers around the local area. The beauty of this open day is that once you have paid you entrance fee, you can ride on any of the old buses, all day long. While this might not sound that exiting, it’s a real experience riding on some of the old buses. I only took a couple of rides, one on a Plaxton bodied, 1930 Leyland Badger and again on a 1945 Leyland Tiger. If public transport consisted of buses like this I’d be more inclined to use it! There was a decent display of old cars there too, with a few pretty unusual ones in the mix. Full photo gallery below…

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