The latest from Tomica’s awesome Limited Vintage range, is a really welcome addition to my collection, as not only is it one of my favourite cars, the 710 model Nissan Violet, but it’s also a four door. Most models and kits, whether small scale or large, tend to only cover coupes or performance versions so it’s a real treat to get a model of an honest ordinary four door for a change. What’s more, the miniature is a stunning model. Even though it’s really small, in 1/64 scale, the detail is quite incredible, right down to the emblems and the two tone interior. I’ve only picked up half a dozen or so of this series so far, but this latest effort makes me think I should acquire a few more of this excellent range.

3 thoughts on “Little Violet

  1. toyotageek says:

    As you mentioned this is a great series, especially considering the size. I have collected every Toyota that they have released (with the exception of a Toys Club special color variation of the Publica) and more than once I have been tempted to expand my collection to include the other marques.


  2. Big Hat says:

    interesting that it’s not the highest spec violet …


  3. RatDat says:

    I was surprised they even did a four door! It’d be great is they’d do a fairly basic spec 610 four door as well rather than the usual 2000GT.


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