Silly Skyline

I’ve always wanted to drive a C110 Skyline Coupe, and finally I have the chance, although not quite what I’d had in mind…

I really don’t know much about this toy car other than it’s made in Japan and has a diamond shaped logo on the base containing the characters “T.N”.  It’s about 20cm long and is powered by a couple of “C” batteries, which provide it with forward and backward drive controlled by the column shift style lever on the roof. Obviously the steering wheel functions too. It did have some very faded labels on it with race numbers, but I peeled them off as they were in such poor shape. Thankfully the neat little “MOON equipped” label survived. Has anyone seen anything like this before or know who the manufacturer is? I wonder if they made cartooned toys of other old Japanese cars? More pics below…

One thought on “Silly Skyline”

  1. never seen it before … reminds me of a much larger toy that a child could actually ride … in any case, i hope that satisfies your kenmeri penchant


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