I just came by this cute little promotional Datsun cup and saucer via the wonders of eBay. I was rather hoping there would be some indication on it as to what it was promoting exactly, or even how old it was, but alas there’s nothing. I figured I’d post it up in case anyone out there knows. It’s beautifully decorated but what’s particularly curious is it’s size. It’s tiny! This makes me think it may possibly be an espresso coffee cup. It being marked with both Datsun and Nissan logos on the base doesn’t really provide any clues to it’s era as in Japan both of these logos were used right back, right from the start of Nissan Motor Company. If you know any more about this little cup and saucer let me know!

2 thoughts on “Mystery Cup

  1. Big Hat says:

    you steeping that sparkplug?


  2. RatDat says:

    Yes, I was trying out spark plug tea. It was champion 😀


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