Despite the efforts of British tuning companies in the 1970’s, such as Old Woking Service Station, Janspeed and Samuri Conversions, Datsuns never really caught on with British car modifiers. Competition in the small car market was considerable and tuning favorites such as the Ford Escort and Mini ruled the roost. As any Datsun fan will know, the cars are eminently tuneable, and offer the potential to be highly competetive on the race track, as Janspeed in particular knew. Janspeed not only raced Datsuns back in the day, they also offered a wealth of ‘hot’ Datsun parts for the public right through into the 1980’s, many of which came direct from Japan. This article from Hot Car magazine in 1981 takes a look at what was available from Janspeed for the Datsun A series engine…

2 thoughts on “Datsun Tuning

  1. Big Hat says:

    hehe, gx carbies with a small port head!


  2. RatDat says:

    There were no oval port heads here back then as we never got them until the bigger A series started coming in with B310’s. They could be bought from Japan of course but at a price. Most of the stuff Janspeed sold was engineered by them of built from stock parts. The carbs would have been British built SU’s on a Janspeed cast intake. They did SU intakes for all sorts, I’ve even got one for an E series engine.


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