This is an interesting ad for the rare first generation Nissan Silvia, model CSP311. It depicts a left hand drive car of which only one was ever built as far as I’m aware. That single LHD car was a prototype. There were originally plans to market the Silvia Coupé in the United States, hence the re-naming of the car to ‘Datsun Coupé 1600’ and in fact an example was even displayed at the New York motor show in 1965, although that car from what I can establish, was right hand drive and ultimately got shipped back to Japan after the decision was made that the model was unsuitable for the US market. In the end, only a single CSP311 Silvia was ever officially sold in the US and that was to Hawaii Datsun importer and racer, Elroy Goto. That car still exists today but what became of the LHD Silvia? Click though for the only pictures I can find of the left hand drive CSP311…

This picture, taken at an unknown location shows the left hand drive car with Albrecht Goertz stood alongside. Goertz played a part in the styling of the Silvia along with Kazuo Kimura. Although the location is not definitely known, judging by the Cedric and Bluebird in the frame, it was taken in Japan…


This second shot better illustrates that this is a left hand drive car and clearly taken in the same location as the image above. Notice the the windscreen wipers park to the left of the screen as oposed to the right on the right hand drive cars…


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