Fancy Knobs

Yahoo! Japan Auctions isn’t just a great source of cool wheels. If you want some proper Japanese style accessories you’ll find those there too, like these wacky gear-knobs. Admittedly, these worked out to be pretty expensive by the time they arrived at my door, but for uniqueness the Japanese stuff can’t be beated. Not sure what I’ll do with the Maneki Neko (Beckoning cat or lucky cat as it’s commonly known) one on the left but I thought it was pretty cool. It turned out to be considerably larger than I expected! The Funny face one in the middle is for my 510. It kind of sums that cars character up nicely. The pretty flower one on the right is destined for my Violet SSS, as it seemed kind of appropriate. Amazingly, these type of custom gear-knobs are not quite as common on the auctions as you might expect and it does take some hunting to find them. Worth it though!

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