Check this out for a rare item. This would appear to be a limited slip diff for a Datsun Cherry. E10, F10 and early N10 models used this style of three bolt driveshaft flange and my money would be on this being for an E10 as it originally came from Janspeed who raced and modified E10s back in the 1970s. Sadly its missing pretty much all of its internals rendering it pretty much worthless unless you’re pretty skilled in the manufacture of one off gears! Shame…

3 thoughts on “Rare… but useless

  1. burabuda says:

    a datsun-friendly aussie machinest could rebuild it in his spare time (know any?). they seem to be pretty adept at that sort of thing


  2. RatDat says:

    Or the Finns… they’re mad for a bit of fabrication too it seems!


  3. I know some one that would love to have this rare but useless item.
    ME ME ME!
    So what are you going to do with it? Im sure I could find a home for it down here in Tasmania!


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