It’s about time…

…about time I posted something! Hey, I’ve been busy okay? The weather’s been pretty hardcore for the last month, with plenty of snow and freezing temperatures, but thanks to some home made heating, my workshop has been toasty warm, enabling me to get on with some work. I was heating my workshop with a propane powered “space heater” but it not only made it really stuffy in there, it was also expensive to run. The workshop never got really warm with it either. Figuring I could get plenty of wood for free, I decided to make a wood burner from an old gas bottle I had lying in the undergrowth round the back of the shed. A bunch of scrap bits of metal and three days of tinkering later and I had myself a cracking wood burner, that keeps the workshop at about 22C on a low burn even when it’s below freezing outside. Open the vents on it and it’d probably get hot enough to glow red hot but I haven’t dared let it do so, for fear of burning my workshop down! Best of all, if you chuck a little bit of coal on it before shutting up shop for the evening, it’ll still be going the next morning. I might post a “how to” on the construction of this thing soon if there’s any interest.

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