When you mention the C10 Skyline Hardtop, most enthusiasts immediately picture the legendary DOHC Six cylinder powered KPGC10 Skyline GT-R Hardtop, but in reality, the GT-R was only a small part of the Skyline story. The vast majority of them were rather more mundane saloons with four doors and four cylinders and engines as small as 1500cc. History has largely forgotten the more sedate versions of the earlier Nissan Skyline, so it’s all the more refreshing to see this rare 1971 Skyline 1800 GL hardtop up for sale in outstanding condition, with just 62,500km on the clock. As with the four cylinder saloons, the hardtop featured a shorter nose to accommodate its four pot power plant, the Prince derived, SOHC G-series engine. Unlike the four door and estate cars, which even with the short nose retain some balance of proportion, the hardtop looks quite odd when viewed from the side…

This hardtop features the larger 1815cc G18 OHC cross-flow engine with a single carburettor, which would give around 105hp (sae). As a relatively small car, I’d imagine that the shorter nose and lighter engine would endow these cars with quite decent handling, probably similar to that of the 510. Sadly, I’m unlikely to ever find out as at nearly £8500 (1,250,000 yen) it’s more than a little beyond my budget!

For more pictures check out Gattina

2 thoughts on “Stumpy Skyline

  1. michiel says:

    How odd, it almost looks like a photoshop…


  2. Antdat says:

    looks really odd, but in a kind of cool way


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