Fabulous Filler

Pudding, Plod, Bondo, Bog, Wag or Pon… call it what you will, body filler is an inevitable part of most bodywork and one which personally I dislike immensely. There is a certain satisfaction in getting it right and making a nasty rippled panel smooth again, but the process is often a miserable one, especially when you are working with your average cheap and nasty filler from your local motor accessory store .

Relief is at hand though, as this ‘Unisoft’ body filler from Polish manufacturer Novol is superb! It’s very soft so it mixes really easily, goes on like cake icing, cures quickly and sands down super smooth. It never drags, has pinholes or air bubbles either. It’s not cheap (this 6kg tin set me back best part of £30 with the postage) but as it’s easier to apply you waste less and it may be my imagination but it seems to make less fine dust when sanded too.

It’s surprisingly heavy when in the tin but seems to be just as light as any other filler once cured. The usual cheaper body fillers have little over half the weight, in the slightly larger tin as you can see in the image below left. I also noted that with most other body fillers, you get the soft stuff up the top of the tin and as you go down it gets stiffer and harder to work with. Novol Unisoft seems to be the same soft creamy consistency throughout.

I bought mine off of eBay, so it was probably a little more expensive than normal due to the postage cost, but it may be worth trying to find a body supply shop that can do it. All in all, if you do a lot of bodywork then I highly recommend this stuff. It’s certainly made my job a bit easier. You can check out Novols product line on their website.

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