Hot Rod Trumps

I love Top Trump cards. They are like little colour snap shots of dubious motoring history with the techie bits whittled down to merely those about which small boys care, namely engine size, power and top speed. And occasionally value. Whenever I see an interesting old set that’s car based I buy it, so I was pretty chuffed to find these diminutive Mini Trumps Fact Cards, Particularly as they seem to feature an assortment of sometimes slightly goofy home brewed British Hot Rods from the early 1970’s. Curious really, as the card set is made by a West German company. The cards are pretty small at just 57mm by 37mm so they aren’t easy to scan, and the images aren’t all that sharp, but I’ve done them anyway as I figured they are interesting. There’s actually a couple of these old Rods I recognise, namely the American built “Andy’s T” and the green Opus, but most of the rest are totally unknown to me. Check out the full set of cards…

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