I’m not really a collector of things in the true sense… just a hoarder. The value of the stuff I hoard isn’t monetary, it’s more in the nostalgia. I just like old stuff. Model cars, garage equipment, old stereos and electronic games, vintage cameras and books, car sales brochures and toy garages. Most of all, I like car stuff. Like any avid buyer of other people’s junk, the natural domain for me is the car boot sale or flea market. I just love finding some cool piece of automotive tat and paying peanuts for it.

I swear one day, I’ll have a mini museum of my own to put all this stuff in. A big garage with a few nice cars, surrounded by the mass of stuff I’ve hoarded over the years. I guess I must have about three and a half thousand or so toy cars by now which alone would make a great display. Add to that the toy garages and accessories, slot cars and track, model kits, brochures, signs, posters, books and films and it’d add up to my little bit of old car heaven. Just to give an idea of the kind of stuff I’m talking about, here’s an example of the sort of junk that catches my eye at a car boot sale…

I bought this little lot yesterday morning. Best buy of the day was almost certainly this huge remote control Pegaso truck made by Spanish toy maker, Rico. This thing is a couple of feet long and despite being pretty old, still works okay. Forward and back, steering, horn and lights all function more or less as they should.The rear body is metal but the rest is plastic and it takes four huge ‘D’ cell batteries to make it amble along at a pretty pedestrian pace. The real Pegaso truck on which it’s based dates from the Mid 1970’s so I’d guess the toy is about that old too.

The Matchbox Race ‘n’ Chase slot car set was also a great find, although one of the cars has gone missing. I’m sure eBay would probably yield one. I had a Race ‘n’ Chase when I was a kid, so this brings back some good memories. Other than the missing cop car, the rest is all there, even the instructions. Like most old Matchbox stuff, the box artwork is awesome…

Video gaming 1977 style! A couple of quid bought this great Videomaster pong game, all boxed and ready to provide literally minutes of amusement. Videomasters Colourscore was the first colour game of this type sold in the UK, so it’s quite a nice find. It works too, although their definition of “realistic hit sounds” differs somewhat from mine!

Normally, car boot sales are awash with toy cars, but occasionally they disappoint. Yesterday definitely disappointed. There were precious few decent old toy cars to be found. I did find a neat Hotwheels Fiat Ritmo Abarth and a Yatming Ford station wagon (County Squire?), both in half decent shape. The packaged Daf bus by Dutch company Efsi was a top find too, as Efsi toys aren’t common. Most interesting diecast toy found was this Zylmex bicycle, still in its battered packet.  As far as I know this dates from about 1979. I knew Zylmex made these, but it’s the first one I’ve ever seen. This one’s supposedly a Bridgestone 10 speed, but the rear of the box list other models available as being a Huffy Tradewind, a Royce Union and a Motocross (whatever that is). I have a feeling that’s the only four models they did too. I can’t imagine these provided much play value for kids!

This little Aiwa stereo was too nice to turn down, particularly as it was only £2, and still in its box too! There’s nothing particularly special about this model, but it’s in really nice shape, works great and has fairly decent sound quality. Not sure how old it is, but I’d guess it’s probably late 80’s.

And lastly a big plastic jug. I wonder if this was originally stolen off a Shell garage forecourt back in the day? Who knows. Nice and useful for my workshop though.

I’ll probably post up a bit more of the weird and wonderful crud I have acquired soon. Some of it is pretty unusual!

2 thoughts on “Booty”

  1. maybe you can petition for museum status and get a tax credit? apparently you only have to be open to the public 1 day a year …


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