Laurel + Weds

I have stripped the anodising off of my set of 14×7 Weds and polished the rims up, then shot the centres with some Ford Solar Gold base, added a bit of sparkle courtesy of a couple of coats of House of Kolor Platinum Metajuls Basecoat. then a couple of clear coats. It was done in a hurry but looks OK. Yeah, I know it looks like the body colour but trust me, it isn’t. The lower half of the body is going to get repainted in Ford Champagne Gold, a much paler gold with a slightly redish/pinky tinge to it. Now all I need to add it about a 3″ drop and then some lower profile rubber. Soon, soon…

Back in a Datsun

Remember that C31 Laurel I spotted for sale on the roadside a couple of weeks ago? Well, I just couldn’t resist it any longer and now it’s joined my fleet of old clunkers, although thankfully for two thirds of its original asking price. Although it’s only got about three months MOT left, I think it’s a fairly good deal. It’s a bit flaky around the lower extremities, but nothing too serious, and of course being two tone means I can do the necessary repairs and just repaint the lower half. It could do with the bonnet repainting too, but that can wait a while. I think I’ll be hitting the lower flanks with a much paler gold, probably Ford Champagne Gold….

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Road Test: Datsun Cedric Wagon

Back in the days before the Australian Dollar had elbowed out the old colonial Pound, any Aussie with a lot of kids, who was in the market for a wagon to haul them all around in, could blow £1440 on a classy new Japanese import, the Nissan Cedric. And according to this road test from Australian Motor Manual back in November 1963, that represented pretty decent value…

Nissan Laurel 1800 (C30)

One of my favourite ever Nissans is the first generation of Laurel, the C30 model launched in ‘68. This mildly modified Laurel saloon currently listed on Yahoo! Japan Auctions is a ‘71 model but aside from some very minor changes to the trim, these cars stayed virtually the same throughout production, until they were replaced with the C130 Laurel (200L in Europe) in 1972.

There were only two variants of the C30, the four door saloon seen above and a sleek two door hardtop which arrived in 1970. The latter was Nissan’s first hardtop model.

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Kusahiro Exploration

If you like scrapyards, rusting wrecks and old abandoned cars and trucks, then point your feed reader at Kusahiro Exploration. Unless you’re proficient in deciphering Japanese text, you won’t be able to read much, but you’ll see plenty of great photos of abandoned old Japanese motors, in occasionally quite picturesque settings. It’s also been updated virtually on a daily basis since June 2007, meaning there’s hundreds of old posts to wade through and plenty of rare and interesting cars to be found. Definitely one to watch!

The Scary Prairie

I absolutely love M10 Nissan Prairies. There, I’ve said it and I’m not ashamed. Why? Because not only are they super practical it was a humble Prairie which became one of the most fun cars I have ever owned. But it was not just any ordinary Prairie.

The purchase of my old M10 Prairie back in 2002 was the result of me trying to be a little sensible. Practical even. It seemed to be the ideal daily transport as it would provide me with a great measure of utility with its capacious load carrying ability, yet be as comfortable and economical as a car. Makes sense when you think about it, and it proved to be just as practical and economical as I had expected. That was until I started to meddle with it. Its downward spiral into a mix of stupid, with a dash of awesome, began when I had to replace the gearbox, after the original one began to emit unpleasant noises. So there I was in the workshop, with the engine and box out on the floor, and I began to think “Hey, why not replace the engine too now it’s out? I wonder if that Nissan Silvia engine I’ve got over there will fit?”

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Newark Autojumble

As it’s finally begun to warm up a bit, now that spring has arrived, it’s time to hit Newark again. Not much to be found on the stalls this time, but an eclectic selection of cars put in an appearance as usual. I only got snaps of a handful as I was a bit late getting there. The Vauhall Carlton estate above brought back some memories. My Dad had one like this red. This model must be all but extinct now in the UK…

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Spotted: Datsun Laurel (C31)

I spied this Datsun Laurel C31 parked on the side of the road today. I have seen it about before but I’ve never been able to grab a photo. It’s actually up for sale at a slightly optimistic £900. The wheel arches are looking like they’ll need attention all round very soon, but it was nice enough inside. This would look pretty sweet sat low on some deep dish Star Sharks or Phantoms and I’m loving the executive style two tone…