I spied this Datsun Laurel C31 parked on the side of the road today. I have seen it about before but I’ve never been able to grab a photo. It’s actually up for sale at a slightly optimistic £900. The wheel arches are looking like they’ll need attention all round very soon, but it was nice enough inside. This would look pretty sweet sat low on some deep dish Star Sharks or Phantoms and I’m loving the executive style two tone…

3 thoughts on “Spotted: Datsun Laurel (C31)

  1. burabuda says:

    myself i’ve turned out to be a bit of a snob and will only settle for an ht version of whatever sedan (which ensures i won’t get one unless i import it myself)

    spotted this unloved u11 on yahoo auctions:


  2. RatDat says:

    Link no worky. Was it a VG powered U11 hardtop?


  3. burabuda says:

    so i’m 0 for 2 in posting pics :p
    and will be 0 for 3 if this doesn’t work


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