Ace Trumps: Japanese Cars

Surely, this is the best Trumps card game set ever. I like how literally half the pack are Datsuns, such is their awesomeness! These were printed by a West German company called Altenburg-Stralsunder. I would guessthey date from about 1974, or shortly after, judging by the cars depicted… particularly the inclusion of both the Datsun 1200 (B110) and its successor, the 120Y (B210), which hit the European market in ‘74. A lot of the cars have German registrations, so it’s likely the set is based on models sold there. Does this mean the Mazda Chantez was sold in Germany? Really? Also, note the inclusion of the rare Toyota 10000 (sic). I bet that goes well. Check out the full set after the jump…

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