I’ve picked up a couple of parts to smarten up the Laurel over the last couple of weeks. First up is this Izumi steering wheel. I thought its 1980’s look complimented the C31 dash, especially the slots in the spokes and the brushed aluminium finish. The wood rim wants re-lacquering, so I’ll be doing that in a couple of weeks time. I plan to take it back to bare wood then spray it with clear lacquer tinted with House of Kolor Root Beer (a reddish brown) Kandy to help it match the dash better.

The mounting boss is an Astrali one I modified a few years ago to take a Nardi wheel. It needs the boss’ centre machining a little as the horn push needs to sit further in with the Izumi wheel but I’ll do that when I re-furbish the wheel. Hopefully, I can score a nice horn push to go with it rather than using a Nardi one.

One thing that was bugging me about the C31 was it’s cheapo looking black plastic grille. Everywhere else the car has heaps of chrome trim but for some unknown reason Datsun UK must have specified this completely base model looking grille…

Anyway, thanks to a great bloke by the name of Saad, I managed to get a brand new silver one from Kuwait, complete with four chrome detailed bars in it. Apart from the finish, the grille is actually very slightly different to the stock item in it’s design too. It curves back a little at the edges and sits little further forward than the stock item…

Much as I suspected, a little paint stripper saw all the silver paint gone, leaving a completely chrome grille! Much better! Sadly this crappy phone pic just doesn’t do it justice, so you’ll just have to believe me …it looks great!

Saad also sent me a proper chrome Laurel bonnet mascot which will be going on instead of the stock badge when I re-paint the bonnet. Next job is to get rid of the headlight wipers. High spec they may be, but they are also hideous and pretty useless too. Looking at that pic above, I need to get a bit out of that ride height too!

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